Writing Advice

My stories have been published in a variety of places and I’ve been an Aurealis Awards finalist. See The Submission Grinder for lists of sf markets.

Also see The Science Fiction Writer’s Hierarchy of Doubt

What I’ve Learned From Slush Reading at PodCastle

Making Time to Write

The most important thing for a writer: make the time to actually write. Writing: Find the Time Or Don’t (John Scalzi on making time to write).

How Finding Flow Helped Me Decide What I Should Do With My Life

Writing Workshops

Attending Clarion South, a 6-week science fiction writing workshop, was one of the most useful things to improve my writing.  Not just in terms of craft, but also for making friends that are serious about writing science fiction. The workshop is based on the US Clarion and Clarion West workshops.  The Internet Review of Science Fiction published my article about the experience.  Six Weeks at Clarion South The workshop was held once every two years, but is unfortunately on hold indefinitely at the moment.

Writing Short Stories

Start the story when an interesting character is in trouble. Give them a difficult choice to make. End the story when there is some kind of resolution.

Most readers will respond better to a memorable character than a cool idea.

Make sure you choose the right viewpoint character.  Are they active?  Do they act rather than just react?

Avoid changing point of view.

What is the point of change in your story?  Have you started your story there?

“Argument” openings (that explain what your story is about) can usually be cut.

Start scenes as late as you can, and finish them as early as possible.

Avoid flashbacks unless absolutely necessary.

Circular endings are a good way to end your story (where the ending inverts or echoes the opening).

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The most common short story titles sent to Clarkesworld: http://neil-clarke.com/top-ten-most-common-short-story-names/

Writing  Podcasts

Writing Excuses

I Should Be Writing

Books on Writing

There are gazillions of books on writing.  Here are some of the more interesting and useful I’ve read (in no particular order).

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
Stephen King

Jeff VanderMeer

Jeff VanderMeer

Beginnings, Middles & Ends
Nancy Kress

Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint
Nancy Kress

The Elements of Style
William Strunk & E.B White

Robert McKee