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A battle poet uncovers intrigue in Heian-era Japan. Published in PodCastle, Aug 2017

Australian food blogger Barry Lovecraft embarks on a perilous mission to discover the world’s greatest seafood restaurant. Published in Diabolical Plots, Jul 2017

Ask your potential date about their job, their hobbies, and how they helped overthrow humanity. Published in Daily Science Fiction, Nov 2016
A consultant is brought in to help a project to build a planet-destroying space station.
Published in Nature, Oct 2016


The tale of a mutiny aboard a circus fleet run by bees who live in the skulls of undead clowns.
Published in PodCastle, Jun 2016
An online wedding that goes terribly wrong.
Published in Fireside, Jan 2016.
A calligraphy battle overseen by an immortal monkey.
Published in Zetetic, Jan 2016.
Beneath the Silent Stars
A spaceship that has done bad things.
Published in Lightspeed, Dec 2015
A swear word that just wants to be loved.
Published in Fireside, Mar 2015.
A Japanese hacker story.
Published in Cosmos, Dec 2014.
The coming of the bears.
Published in Every Day Fiction, Sep 2014.
A Japanese ghost story.
Published in Lightspeed, Jul 2012.
Honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF #30
Author Interview about Ghost River Red
Artwork by Galen Dara
Illustrating Ghost River Red – Galen Dara’s process of creating the illustration

After his brother died, Hitoshi Watanabe quit his job and decided to walk to the hot spring waterfall at the end of the world.
Published in Strange Horizons, Nov 2010.
Audio version published in Drabblecast.
storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Story of 2010
Artwork by Jerel Dye
Artwork by Jerel Dye’s article on creating the illustration.
The Real Hokkaido Green – photos of the hot spring waterfall in Hokkaido.

Executioners, magnetic destiny and sky rivers.
Published in Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, Aug 2012.
Author Interview About The Executioner’s Hat

Even though he was a god, Daisuke always removed his shoes before he went inside. It was the polite thing to do.
Published in Fantasy, Sep 2010.
Honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best Science Fiction #28
Author Interview About Stone Flowers

Mr Nine and the Gentleman Ghost

Featuring a duel between the ghost of a zeppelin captain and a homicidal gold-eating puppet.
Published in Weird Tales, Oct 2010.
Audio version published in Cast of Wonders

Vampire numbers, hidden codes and virtual numberfalls.Published in Fantasy, Nov 2009
3rd place in Fantasy Magazine readers’ story of the year.
Reprinted in Cosmos
Reprinted in Looking Glass
Fantasy Magazine Author Interview About Reading By Numbers
Cosmos Author Interview About Reading By Numbers


If you’re a monster, stop reading this right now! I’ve hidden lots of traps in these words.
Published in Worlds Next Door anthology, Aug 2010.
Aurealis Award finalist.
Audio version published in Cast of Wonders

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A list of writing problems. The result of years of research, consultation with industry professionals, and several failed bids for the Galactic Senate. Jan 2016

A vampire citadel, a fortress built by God and a castle whose herd of goats saved Christendom.History and photos of Eastern European castles.
Published in Fantasy, Jun 2010

Iga Ueno: home of Japan’s ninjas.
Published in Kansai Scene, Apr 2008

Why dolls are set on fire in Japan.
Published in Kansai Scene, Mar 2009

An overview of Japanese SF anime, manga, novels and video games.
Published in The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Jul 2008

Comparing two views of Japan from recent books: Roland Kelts’ Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the US and Michael Zielenziger’s Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation.
Published in Kansai Scene, May 2008

Exploring the influences and links that books have with terrorist groups such as Japan’s Supreme Truth.Published in Salon, Dec 2003

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