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Nebula Award Suggested Reading

My story Reading By Numbers is on the suggested reading list for the Nebula Awards. It only takes one SFWA member to nominate a work to get it onto the list, but I still think it’s pretty cool to get

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Aurealis Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the Aurealis Award winners and nominees. http://www.aurealisawards.com/finalists_winners.htm

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The Writer Who Tried to Vanish http://www.wired.com/vanish/2009/11/ff_vanish2/ How Can I Get My … (What people searching google are looking for) http://www.predictablyirrational.com/?p=704 The Significant Objects Project http://www.predictablyirrational.com/?p=708 How to Avoid Camera Loss http://www.dailygifblog.com/2009/12/how-to-avoid-camera-loss.html Haitians to blame: Robertson http://www.theage.com.au/world/haitians-to-blame-robertson-20100114-ma3i.html Ekaterina Sedia: On

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