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Kotodama Review

Really nice review for Kotodama: https://verityvirtue.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/kotodama/ The writing sparkles with wit, and the game’s use of metaphor (that is, making it have literal consequences) called to mind Patanoir. Kotodama also gives a welcome depth to the world-building by giving a

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Books by K[a]+r[eio]n

In the last few weeks I’ve read books by Karen Joy Fowler, Karen Russell, Karin Tidbeck and Kaaron Warren, which allows me to use regular expressions when constructing book review titles. (I’m surprised that more reviewers haven’t incorporated programming features

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Analog May Review

My review of Analog’s May issue is now up at The Portal. http://sffportal.net/2011/05/analog-may-2011/

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