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Sei Shonagon – Cranky Ladies of History

When I taught English in Japan, I’d often ask students what they liked most about living in Japan. The two most common answers were: Japanese food and the fact that Japan has four seasons. The second answer initially struck me as

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Arctic Pandas

I’ve started another round the world trip. I’m going up to the Arctic circle in Norway, then down to Antarctica. First stop was Japan. Due to the evil machinations of Typhoon Usagi (which stopped flights transiting through Hong Kong), the

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Ghost River Red

Ghost River Red, my Japanese ghost story has just been published in Lightspeed. There is a beautiful picture by Galen Dara to accompany the story. There is an interview with me about the story at

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Savage Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the rabbit. So far, it has been one disruptive bunny. Floods and cyclones in Australia, floods in Brazil, the earthquake in Christchurch, revolutions in the Middle East, civil war and

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Japan Earthquake & Tsunami

I’ve been watching the footage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I lived in Japan for 4 years and have travelled extensively around the country.  It always make an event more personal when you’ve been to the place where

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The Good, the Bad & the Sushi

Great news: the wonderful Shaun Tan won an Oscar for the short film based on his book, The Lost Thing. I had the chance to meet Shaun at WorldCon in September last year.  He illustrated a story of mine

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Enjoying Deliciousness

Some amusing Engrish I discovered when I was in Japan. From a confectionery company’s advertising: I am in the mood to enjoy deliciousness. Smiles overfrow on the dining table.  All kinds of tastes are loaded. Today we’ll serve special deliciousness

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