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Karauli and Jaipur

After Agra, we went to Karauli, a small town in Rajasthan.  We stayed at a heritage palace built for the maharaja’s family in the mid 1930s.   It is still owned by the former maharajas and they have opened it to

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Delhi Djinns

I flew into Delhi and joined up with a small group tour. We visited the Red Fort and had a tour inside one of the Sikh temples, including a look inside the temple kitchens. Elsewhere, we encountered some tasty Indian

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Ashok Banker Interview

The World SF News Blog has an interesting interview with Ashok Banker, an Indian author who has a lot of controversial things to say about the state of science fiction publishing. http://worldsf.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/exclusive-interview-with-ashok-banker/

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