Favorites Highlights from the galleries below.

North Korea Mass Games and Great Leaders.

Japan – Traditional Temples, shrines and castles.

Japan – Quirky Strange things from Japan. Cosplay, ninja, indoor beaches and burning dolls.

Japan – Landscapes Scenery and animals from Japan.

Bolivia Salt plains, jungles and mountain cities.

Asia China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea

Australia & New Zealand White-water rafting, beaches and monuments.

South America Galapagos Islands, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela.

North and Central America Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica.

Egypt Pyramids and temples.

Western Europe Germany, Iceland, Greece, France, Malta, Austria, Switzerland

Eastern Europe Russia, Estonia, Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia, Slovenia

Aidan Some photos of me enjoying myself in various locations around the world.

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