I used to work as a computer games programmer for Beam Software (at the time it was the largest games developer in Australia.  Sadly it closed in October 2010).

I worked on the PC versions of Lost Vikings II, Alien Earth and Dethkarz. I also did some level designs for KKND II.

I used the TADS Interactive Fiction game engine to make an IF game, Bolivia By Night.  It won second prize in the 2005 Spring Thing contest and was a Finalist for Best NPCs and for Best Writing at the 2005 Xyzzy Awards.

I’m a big fan of modern board games, the kind that are popular on BoardGameGeek.  Some of my favorites include Twilight Struggle, Alien Frontiers, Cosmic Encounter and Agricola.

I’m also a fan of role-playing games. I had an article published in Dragon magazine and also wrote for Cryptych magazine.

This should provide a nostalgia trip for most computer gamers.