I used to work as a computer games programmer for Beam Software (at the time it was the largest games developer in Australia. It changed names many times as it got bought out. Sadly it closed in October 2010).

I worked on the PC versions of Lost Vikings II, Alien Earth and Dethkarz. I also did some level designs for KKND II.

I used the TADS Interactive Fiction game engine to make an IF game, Bolivia By Night.  It won second prize in the 2005 Spring Thing contest and was a Finalist for Best NPCs and for Best Writing at the 2005 Xyzzy Awards.

My short IF piece, Kotodama was published in sub-Q.

I’m a big fan of modern board games, the kind that are popular on BoardGameGeek.  Some of my favorites include Pandemic Legacy, Twilight Struggle,  Dead of Winter, Alien Frontiers, Dominant Species, Eclipse and Agricola.

I’m also a fan of role-playing games. I had an article published in Dragon magazine and also wrote for Cryptych magazine.