Short Stories

In Spring, the Dawn. In Summer, the Night, PodCastle, Aug 2017

The Shadow Over His Mouth, Diabolical Plots, Jul 2017

The Thing Without Color, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Feb 2017

The Robot’s Guide to Online Dating, Daily Science Fiction, Nov 2016

NXS Reprint, Mar 2017

Taste No Evil, Strange Constellations, Oct 2016

Galactic Empire Management Consulting, Nature, Oct 2016

The Bee Tamer’s Final Performance, PodCastle, Jun 2016

Gold Farmer’s Daughter, Fireside, Jan 2016

Stone Monkey Gazing Over a Sea of Clouds, Zetetic, Jan 2016

Beneath the Silent Stars, Lightspeed, Dec 2015

Audio Version, Lightspeed, Dec 2015

Remembering the Dragon, Every Day Fiction, Sep 2015

Audio Version, Far-Fetched Fables, Dec 2015

How I Saved the Galaxy on a Limited Budget, Daily Science Fiction, Aug 2015

The Last Khan’s Elephant, Ember, May 2015

Audio Version,, Jan 2017

How I Saved the Galaxy on a Limited Budget, Daily Science Fiction, Aug 2015

Space Rat Black, The Colored Lens, Mar 2015

Pride and Profanity, Fireside, Mar 2015

Naoko’s Dragons, Orbit, Mar 2015

Undeleted, Cosmos, Dec 2014

Audio Version, Escape Pod, Sep 2015

A Kingdom for a Horse, Penumbra, Dec 2014

Martian Masala, SF Comet, Nov 2014

The Sweet Life, Every Day Fiction, Sep 2014

Audio Version, PodCastle, Nov 2015

Words Beneath the Waves, Spellbound, Jun 2014

The Executioner’s Hat, Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, Aug 2012

Ghost River RedLightspeed, Jul 2012

Hokkaido GreenStrange Horizons, Nov 2010

Audio Version, The Drabblecast, Jun 2011 (5 min: 30 sec mark)

Stone FlowersFantasy Magazine, Sep 2010 Honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF

Evil Girlfriend Media Reprint, Evil Girlfriend Media Shorts, Sep 2015

Salary Ninja, Port Iris, Sep 2010

Inksucker, Worlds Next Door, Aug 2010 (FableCroft Press anthology) Aurealis Award Finalist

Audio Version, Cast of Wonders, Episode 31, Mar 2012

Mr. Nine and the Gentleman Ghost, Weird Tales, Aug 2010

The Museum of All Things Awesome and that Go Boom reprint, Jul 2016

Audio VersionCast of Wonders, Episode 73, Apr 2013

Reading By Numbers, Fantasy Magazine, Nov 2009 (3rd place in Fantasy Magazine reader’s poll for best story of 2009)

Looking Glass Reprint, Looking Glass, Jan 2011

Cosmos Reprint,  Cosmos, Nov 2012

Blue Cherry Sky, Reflection’s Edge, Aug 2008

How To Be A Good Citizen, Reflection’s Edge, Oct 2007

On the Bones, Borderlands, Mar 2005

Working Holiday (with Colin Jacobs), Australien Absurdities, Jun 2002

Audio Version, Dunesteef, Nov 2009

A Good Place To Raise a Boy, Orb, Aug 2001 (Honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF)

The Brain of an Eminent Toad, Voiceworks, Dec 1998

The Poison Gods, Aurealis, Mar 1996

Crusaders in a Dark Land, Aurealis, Jun 1995 (Honorable mention in Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF)

Divine Providence, Aurealis, Jun 1993

Interactive Fiction

Kotodama, sub-Q, Feb 2016, Written in Twine

Bolivia By Night, 2005, Written in TADS, XYZZY Nominee for Best Writing and Best NPCs

Micro Fiction

Upgrade, Antipodean SF,Issue 139, Jan 2010

Love’s Apprentice, Thaumatrope, Oct 2009


Hokkaido Green, Catalan translation, Catarsi, Mar 2017

Hokkaido Green, German translation, Visionarium, Mar 2016

Hokkaido Green, Polish translation, Szortal, Mar 2015

Martian Masala, Mandarin translation, SF Comet, Nov 2014

Hokkaido Green, Galician translation, Nova Fantasia, Oct 2014

Hokkaido Green, Hebrew translation, Bli Panika, Jul 2014

Hokkaido Green, Finnish translation, Spin, Sep 2012

Hokkaido Green, Mandarin translation, Jan 2011

Reading By Numbers, Mandarin translation, Nov 2010

Crusaders in a Dark Land, Polish, Science Fiction Poland, Oct 2000