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Canyon Adventures

After the writing workshop, I stayed in Flagstaff, Arizona for a few days and went out on day trips to nearby sights. I’d visited the Grand Canyon years ago, but it was good to see again. I also went out

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Albuquerque and Taos Toolbox

I went on a Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque, which involved riding around in a RV to visit sights where the TV show had been filmed. The real Los Pollos Hermanos is a Twisters restaurant. The owners of Walter White’s

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75 of the Strangest and Funniest Signs and Labels I’ve Come Across in My Travels

After visiting 100 countries, I compiled a list of my favorite weird sign photos. Many of them are from Japan and China and involve strange translations. Others are just strange. See the full list at 75 of the Strangest and

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