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The Three-Tongued Mummy

“On the third night of the circus, the mummy stalked Doyle, who was redolent with the scents of a hundred countries.” I have a cameo role in E. Catherine Tobler‘s awesome circus story, The Three-Tongued Mummy in Apex. The Three-tongued

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Michelle Goldsmith’s The Jellyfish Collector

Years of studying genre fiction have taught me that all of the best stories have animals in them. This time it’s jellyfish! For my first appearance as a guest host at PodCastle, I hosted an Australian fiction special episode of

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It’s Octoblerfest – a chance to celebrate the writing of E. Catherine Tobler! Alexi Hunter has been putting a series of guest reviews, posts and giveaways on her web site. My review of The Indigo Mantis – an awesome story