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The Three-Tongued Mummy

“On the third night of the circus, the mummy stalked Doyle, who was redolent with the scents of a hundred countries.” I have a cameo role in E. Catherine Tobler‘s awesome circus story, The Three-Tongued Mummy in Apex. The Three-tongued

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75 of the Strangest and Funniest Signs and Labels I’ve Come Across in My Travels

After visiting 100 countries, I compiled a list of my favorite weird sign photos. Many of them are from Japan and China and involve strange translations. Others are just strange. See the full list at 75 of the Strangest and

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Writer’s Guide to Twine

Part 2 of my Writer’s Guide to Twine is online at the SFWA Blog. Creating Interactive Fiction: A Guide to Using Twine

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