I’m an Australian computer programmer and science fiction writer. I live in Melbourne and love travelling.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit more than 100 countries.

I’ve always been interested in writing science fiction and made my first sale when I was 18. I’ve had short stories and articles published in magazines, newspapers and web sites. I have been a finalist for the Aurealis Awards, several of my stories have received honorable mentions in Year’s Best SF anthologies and I was the youngest writer to have an entry in the Encyclopedia of Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

In 2009 I attended the Clarion South science fiction writing workshop in Brisbane. Clarion South was an Australian version of the US Clarion workshops, but unfortunately hasn’t run for a number of years.

I did a computer science degree at Monash University in Melbourne. After university I worked for an Australian computer games company as a programmer and designer. I’ve also worked as a software consultant and web site programmer.

I  have an entry in the Internet Movie Database. (For a computer game I worked on). My IF game, Bolivia By Night was nominated for 2 XYZZY awards.

Some of the interesting places I’ve visited include: North Korea, Belarus, the Galapagos and Transnistria (not officially a real country). I worked in Bolivia for a short time as a journalist for a Bolivian English-language newspaper.  I lived in Osaka in for 4 years and worked as an English teacher. Now I’m working as a web site programmer.

I’ve had articles and stories translated into Finnish, Mandarin, Romanian, Polish, Hebrew and Galician.

Ten Things I’ve Done That You (Probably) Haven’t

My list of writer’s problems – The Science Fiction Writer’s Hierarchy of Doubt – is the result of years of research, consultation with industry professionals, and several failed bids for the Galactic Senate.

I kept track of the amount of books I read over 25 years and which authors I read the most. 25 Years of Reading


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