Writing Career Bingo

Christie Yant made an awesome writer’s career bingo sheet – a spreadsheet with her writing goals colored in when they were achieved.

I’ve long had a list of writing goals, but I like the idea of representing them visually. Although a spreadsheet has a certain practicality, I wanted something a bit fancier.  I aim to conquer the stars, not just spreadsheet cells.

I built a windows command line tool that reads an XML file that has the details of all my goals. For each goal I’ve finished, I earn a planet.

I have a lot of goals (technically some of them are programming and photo-related goals). The program will automatically split the goals into separate images if needed.

I’d been meaning to do some experimenting with Gimp (image editing program), so I tried out a couple of tutorials.



I made the star field background and some of the planets. (If Samuel L Jackson can have a purple lightsaber, there is no reason I can’t have a purple planet). The other planets I rendered using Genetica Viewer and a free icon pack.
Each time I accomplish the goal I’ll run the program again and keep a snapshot of how my attempts to colonise the galaxy are progressing.

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2 comments on “Writing Career Bingo
  1. Steven K McLeod says:

    XML file? Really? I mourn for the Aidan Doyle I once knew.

  2. Aidan says:

    With C# and the newer XDocument class, dealing with XML files is very easy.

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