Colombia’s Lost City

I did a 5 day round-trip trek through the Colombian jungle to Ciudad Perdida – the lost city.  It was an amazing experience.




It’s a lot harder than the Inca Trail.  There are several river crossings, where you have to wade across the river.  The month before I visited, a French tourist was swept away and drowned at one of the crossings.


On the return trip the water level had risen, so at one of the crossings we used a flying fox.




There are wooden shelter camp sites spaced along the trail, complete with bunk beds, hammocks and toilets.

The hiking can be exhausting and if it rains there are parts of the trail that can be difficult to navigate.


Indigenous tribes still live in the area.



There aren’t any large animals in the jungle, but there are lots of frogs, butterflies, mosquitos, some snakes and we even encountered a scorpion in one of the camp sites.


The Lost City itself was built around 800 AD and was where the high chief of the tribes ruled from.

The city was abandoned around the time of the Spanish conquest.  There isn’t much left of the city, except some stone walls.  Although the city’s existence was known to the local tribes, it was only in 1972 that it became known to the outside world.  A group of treasure hunters discovered the site and dubbed it the Green Hell.



In 2003, the rebel group ELN kidnapped 13 foreign tourists.  Five were soon released because they weren’t fit enough or weren’t wearing suitable shoes for the rebels’ planned march.  One hostage escaped the next day, but the remaining seven were held for over 3 months before finally being released.  After that the government acted to curb the influence of the paramilitary groups in the region and permanently stationed a group of soldiers at the site of the ruins.


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7 comments on “Colombia’s Lost City
  1. Naoko Abo says:

    Wow,it looks hard trip!
    I read a book that was written about Inca city when I was young.It was fun.

    Thank you for shareing interesting information about many place, Aidan. I enjoyed!


  2. Phil Pringuer says:

    Just goes to show – bad footwear can help you to avoid kidnapping.

    I suspect the bikini-clad young women had something to do with your choice of adventure, Aidan…

  3. Barb says:

    Wow Aidan, looks amazing, love your photos. Really enjoying reading about your adventures however need therapy for a debilitating and prolonged bout of envy. Barb

  4. Steve says:

    That muddy trail looks so inviting…
    Well done, mate. Not on completing the walk, but on not getting kidnapped!

  5. Janet says:

    Why not take the flying fox every time?

  6. Aidan says:

    Thanks Nao. The Colombian Lost City wasn’t an Inca city like Machu Picchu, there were other tribes in the area.

    My choice was solely influenced by the area’s historical significance. 🙂

    Thanks Barb. I have other travel friends whose exploits are making me envious. 🙂

    Thanks Steve. I’m not sure whether there would be many people lining up to pay my ransom if I got kidnapped.

    It takes a long time to get people across the flying fox one by one, so they don’t use it unless they have to. Obviously they should have used it the time when the tourist drowned.

  7. The Pringuers says:


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