Savage Rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the rabbit.

So far, it has been one disruptive bunny.

Floods and cyclones in Australia, floods in Brazil, the earthquake in Christchurch, revolutions in the Middle East, civil war and foreign military intervention in Libya and the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan.

Even pandas have turned vicious: a panda attacked a zookeeper at San Diego Zoo.

There is some amazing  footage of a car getting hit by the tsunami.  The driver managed to survive.


People fleeing the tsunami turned around and helped others to escape its path.


A news crew barely escaped the tsunami and then were able to help other survivors to safety.


There is footage of the tsunami arriving at Sendai airport.


Footage of the tsunami arriving at street level.


Numerous reporters have commented on the general level of calm and the minimal level of looting occurring.  The response to supply evacuation centers with food and heating seems to be slow, but in some evacuation centers people are still taking part in their daily exercise routine.

Thousands of people were trapped at Tokyo Disneyland on the day of the quake when the trains stopped running.  Spending a night in Disneyland in those circumstances would be a surreal experience.

You can make donations for tsunami survivors at:

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