Except For the Part About the Wife and India

Came across a site where someone had done character profiles for an online role-playing game.

One of the characters is called Aidan Doyle.

They chose to use Johnny Depp as the character portrait.

Needless to say the resemblance to my good self is startling.  (Except For the Part About the Wife and India)


He’s weird. That’s the first impression drawn off of Aidan. He has a plethora of oddities that make him a unique individual. Very passionate about history and language alike, it’s the only time he comes across as anything remotely normal. He has a Professor’s persona and a socializing persona, though at first glance those images could be easily blurred together. Then, the subtle shift in his ways of conversation become more apparent. He’s random, off the wall, nonsensical, and likes to play devil’s advocate regardless of his own stance.

Likely due to the obscene amount of traveling he’s had in his life, his personality is a melting pot of all the places he’s been. When he was thirteen, his parents took him to see the Terracotta Soldiers and he was captivated with Asian culture one way or another from that day on. When he finds something he likes, he takes it and studies everything he possibly can about it. Somewhat of a workaholic in that sense, the only thing he was ever able to make time for was his wife. Otherwise, he’s kept few friends due to his restless nature. He kept work colleagues across the board and nothing more unless the other person was that persistent or that interesting.

He’s also incredibly candid. If he’s bored, you’ll know. He gets bored very easily, too. India was one of the few places to hold his interest for as long as it did, but has now left a bitter taste in his mouth. To those he cares about, he’s… strange, but loyal in his own way. He was also a romantic for his wife, but had a bizarre way of showing it. She was his other half, and they simply worked. He always thought he’d be lost without her, and now he’s fairly certain that he is in fact lost. He can ramble about any subject, regardless of the topic, just to be a nuisance. It comes with being a history Professor, and also because it’s the only thing he can do that keeps him still for very long. He has a piss poor attention span for most things.

And they even captured my ability to absorb solar radiation:

Hot knives – Aidan can absorb ambient heat and solar radiation, and release the absorbed energy from his fingertips as semi-solid energy projections called ‘hot knives’. His hot knives are pure thermal energy, hot as the surface of the sun. He can use these blade-shaped darts of pure heat as projectiles or occasionally as slashing weapons. He has excellent control of his knives, able to cause severe damage or use them just to stun.

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