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It is nomination season for speculative fiction awards.

My stories are eligible for a bunch of awards.  The Hugo Awards, the Ditmar Awards and the Chronos Awards are all open for nominations.

My eligible stories from last year include:

Hokkaido Green, Strange Horizons

Salary Ninja, Port Iris

Stone Flowers, Fantasy

Mr. Nine & the Gentleman Ghost, Weird Tales

Inksucker, Worlds Next Door

If I had to choose one story to recommend, then it would be Hokkaido Green.

Chronos Awards (for residents of Victoria)

Nomination form:

There is a list of eligible works at

To my surprise, someone nominated for Best Fan Writer and my WorldCon report for best fan writing.

Ditmar Awards (for Australian citizens & residents)

Nomination form:

A long list of eligible works is at

I particularly enjoyed:

Novellas / Novelettes

  • A Glimpse of the Marvellous Structure (and the threat it entails), Sean Williams, in Godlike Machines

Short Stories

Collected Works

  • Worlds Next Door
  • Godlike Machines

Hugo Awards (only members of last year’s and this year’s World Con are able to nominate works).

Particular favorites include (in addition to works mentioned above):


Short Stories:

A Sweet Calling by Tony Pi

The Gold Silkworm by Tony Pi

Standard Loneliness Package by Charles Yu

Related Works:

  • Packing For Mars by Mary Roach
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