Enjoying Deliciousness

Some amusing Engrish I discovered when I was in Japan.

From a confectionery company’s advertising:

I am in the mood to enjoy deliciousness.
Smiles overfrow on the dining table.  All kinds of tastes are loaded.
Today we’ll serve special deliciousness to you.
This tastiness can not be carried even by both hands.

I wish to become the sky!
Full of dreams and full of hopes.
Dream is a fair wind.  I wish to be a dreamer sometimes.
My dream is always fresh.
All are glittering.  aren’t they?

The dream world is in dreams.
Dream does not change in changing seasons.
The elements of dreams.
Dream is before your eyes.
Are you dreaming?

I’ll present you with a nice dream.
Everyone likes a big dream.
A successive “dream.”

The menu today is a season.
The table today is fully loaded with every kind of taste.
The taste makes me sense the season.
I trust all deliciousness to you.

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