North Korean Spam

Akismet is an essential plugin if you’re using WordPress.   It’s a plugin that filters out spam comments.  Every now and then I like to have a look what has ended up in the spam folder.

Recently I’ve been getting a few messages where someone promoting martial arts schools has been leaving comments about the recent conflict on the Korean peninsula.  The comments are along the lines that the US shouldn’t waste any money protecting the South Koreans and the South Koreans should be able to fight for themselves.  I’m not sure exactly why someone would think this would be a good advertisement (other than the obvious reason of simply attracting controversy) for a martial arts school.

Last year I did a summary of some of the search terms that people had used to reach my web site.

Searching for information about Eastern Europe (especially maps) seems to be one of the most common ways people reach my web site.  Here are a few of the more interesting search terms people used:

estonian medieval swords
weird pictures from asia
earthbound rapture
eternal earthbound pets
dictatorship slogans in china
the ear mound in kyoto
moldova rural people
medieval vampire parties drinking
famous people from the 1930s
hang gliding ninjas
geisha porn
frank zappa statue in russia
self service checkout comments perth
latvian soldiers
north korean anime
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2 comments on “North Korean Spam
  1. Adam Murray says:

    “Medieval Vampire parties drinking” is my favourite. Which then begs even more questions….Obviously they would be drinking blood. But do Vampires get drunk?

  2. Aidan says:

    Maybe some college kids wanted to play a Twilight drinking game.

    But as Vlad would say: “I never drink (dramatic pause) wine.”

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