9 Days of Monkey Mayhem

9 Days to go to the start of the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne.

I recently had the pleasure of reading The Society of Sinister Simians by Chet Phillips.  The book is full of gorgeous illustrations and funny character descriptions.

There is the army general who “created the framework for a series of maneuvers that called for attacking the enemy’s hospitals, orphanages, elementary schools, nursing homes, and ice cream facilities” and the anarchist who “loves the smell of burnt authority.”

Chet Phillips is also the creator of the Steampunk Monkey Nation trading cards.
An example from one of the descriptions of a prison warden: “Long after he died, the sinister hum of his irradiated lithium-enriched cyborg arm can be heard traveling down the halls after midnight.”
Killing with murderous intent is easy.  Comedy is hard.
– Josephus Venomdrip, Monkey Assassin
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2 comments on “9 Days of Monkey Mayhem
  1. Andy Smith says:

    Is it a comic book?

  2. Aidan says:

    Not a comic book.

    Each monkey has an illustration and a brief bio.

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