The Spoils of War

Today is my 36th birthday.  In the war against time, it is always the chocolate cake that pays the highest price.

Some thoughts on turning 36:

  • Today I am 13150 days old.
  • If I had been born 2 years earlier, I would have had 27 fewer birthdays (pesky leap years).
  • Countries in which I’ve celebrated a birthday: Australia, Japan, Wales, Chile, Venezuela.
  • If you had up all the numbers from 1 to 36 you get 666.
  • Number of paranormal and/or religious experiences encountered in 36 years: 0.  (I expect this trend to continue).
  • Number of cars owned in 36 years: 0.
  • Number of countries visited: 73.
  • 36 is 6 squared.  6 is the smallest perfect number.
  • Number of bones broken: 1.  (I broke my wrist parachuting).
  • The older I get, the less mature I feel.

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