Writing Time

I’m pretty lucky in terms of how much time I could potentially devote to my writing.  I work four days a week, I’m single and I don’t have kids.  So I don’t have the demands on my time that a lot of other writers do.  But I still struggle to make the time to write.  In my case, it’s a question of getting distracted, especially by the Internet.

My fellow Clarion Souther, Ben, has more serious demands on his time.  It’s a lot harder to make the time when you have to young children.  But he’s still managed to almost finish a new novel.


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2 comments on “Writing Time
  1. Ben says:

    I think your quality may beat my quantity Aidan – Fantasy Magazine publications, Locus reading recommendations, Hugo or Nebula short story nomination?

    Let’s not mention how I cheated and had time off work too…

  2. Aidan says:

    Not so sure about that.
    It was Lisa who was on the Locus list, not me.
    I’m on the Nebula suggested reading list, but that’s a big difference from being on the Nebula shortlist. Only takes one SFWA to recommend you to get on the suggested reading list.

    But I might change my opinion when I start reading some of those 145,000 words of yours. 🙂

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