2009: The Year in Writing

2009 was a good year for my writing.

  • I attended Clarion South in Brisbane.
  • I had my first SFWA-level sale and publication!  I sold two stories to Fantasy Magazine.
  • I was interviewed by Fantasy Magazine.
  • One of my stories was adapted into an audio version.
  • I sold a story to the Worlds Next Door anthology.
  • I had a Twitter-length micro story published.
  • I had a flash fiction story accepted by Antipodean SF (which published it a few days ago).
  • I wrote 9 new short stories (which is the same as the total amount I had written in the previous 9 years!)
  • I had four articles published.
  • I completed a proposal for a non-fiction book about Japan and sent that off.  No luck yet.
  • I started work on a young adult novel set in an alternate world Japan.  Progress has been much slower than I would have liked, but I think by taking more time I’m making the story a lot stronger than it would have otherwise been.

Fiction I had published in 2009:
Reading By Numbers
Fantasy Magazine

Working Holiday (audio version)

Love’s Apprentice (flash fiction)

Articles published in 2009:
I had a couple of articles published by Kansai Scene, an English-language magazine in Japan.

Australian Tea Bowl Master

Awashima Doll Festival

Fantasy Magazine interviewed me about my story.
Writing By Numbers

The Internet Review of Science Fiction published my article about my Clarion South experience.
Six Weeks at Clarion South

The International Business Times reprinted my travel article about
New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

Of course, not everybody loves my stories.  I received 45 rejection letters in 2009.  But the more rejection letters I get, the more acceptances I get as well.  All a matter of improving by doing more writing and getting more writing out there.

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