2010: The Road to Success

My new year’s resolutions:

* Have My Blog Turned into a Video Game
These days who hasn’t had their blog turned into a book or a movie?  I’m going to be the first writer to have my blog adapted into a video game.  

* Write a Story Where Hitler Goes Back in Time to Kill the Dinosaurs

Science fiction writers haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all the possible Hitler time travel stories.

* Learn Kung Fu From Someone I Don’t Have to Avenge or Challenge
One of the biggest problems with learning any martial arts is that inevitably someone is going to kill your master and you have to avenge them.  And in today’s busy world who has time to fit avenging into their schedule?  The other possible option is that your master turns to the dark side and you have to defeat them yourself.  (Giving you plenty of opportunity to talk about how the student has become the master).  But again, that’s just too much work.  So any suggestions for finding a master I don’t have to avenge or challenge?

* Teach a Beautiful Alien the True Meaning of This Earth Thing We Call Love

It’s not just about scoring hot alien booty.  It’s about the important life experiences.

* Build a Computer Interface That Works the Way They Do in the Movies

After using Windows 7 I was disappointed that yet another operating system didn’t work the way they do in the movies.  So I’m going to write my own system that has lots of screens that flash up “Access Denied” in bright, red letters.

* Submit a Weather Control Spell Description to a Climate Change Conference
Post-Copenhagen it’s time for more radical measures.  I’m still unsure whether I should go for druid or wizard.

* Conduct An Online Game Heist
I’m still evaluating the cons and pros of raiding a World of Warcraft bank versus assassinating Eve guild presidents.

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