Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border

Ten Ways Space Travel Isn’t Like Television or the Movies

The Funniest Reasons Customers Reject Books
“I don’t do books about elephants set during the Depression.”
If you look in the comments, you’ll also find this gem:
“You know books that expand your mind, make you want to think, make you question the nature of humanity and wonder why and how we do the things we do? Yeah, I hate that s**t. Gimme something with dinosaurs or a war.”

Hospital study shows full moons werewolf effect

Che: the graphic biography

A Day in the Internet

A Day in the Internet

Monkey calls give clues to language origins

The Language of Avatar (Creating an Alien Language)

The Link Between the Transgender Community & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

50 Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

20 Best SF Books of the Decade

Japanese ladies long for date with brutal men of history

The Longest Way: Walking Across China,28804,1945379_1945171_1945161,00.html

Deadline: Stop Motion

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