The Confessions of a Semi-successful Author

George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language”

A Good Author is Hard to Find

Why Science Fiction Is Dying & Fantasy Fiction Is The Future.

2009 Aurealis Award Shortlist

Jumping Salarymen

Japanese Flourescent Lamp Fighting (Warning: Bloody photos)

Strange Ways of Telling Your Fortune in Japan

A cat’s mental condition, its character, tendencies, and even its fate are written on the pads of its paws…
Hello Kitty Tarot Fortune Telling…
The first step is to find your protector cat (spirit guide). The cat will then teach you about how to meet your soulmate, find the hidden you, change jobs, and learn the best day for doing things…
Learn the ten types of penguin personalities based on fortune telling based on the pronunciation of people’s names and you’ll learn how you tend to act with people and tricks for getting along with them better…
Are you a person who could conquer a nation? Warring-States-Period-General Fortune Telling is a system based on analyzing your character and tendencies, created using statistical factors. Since the Earth orbits the sun in a 360-degree orbit, depending on the time period, various heavenly bodies will be visible…

Any my personal favorite:
Categorizes all personality types according to the 48 types of gundam suits. Also includes love-compatibility analysis.

Origami Sumo Battle

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