Back in Australia

I arrived back in Australia on Monday.

I had a wonderful vacation.  Eastern Europe is such an interesting place.

I finished my trip with a visit to a friend who is living in Germany.  I almost stayed an extra day in Germany.  My flight from Frankfurt was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to stay an extra day. They were offering hotel accommodation and 600 euros in compensation.  I was going to volunteer, but somebody else beat me to it.

I’ve got a lot of photos to sort through and will add some more blog entries about places I visited after Belarus.

I didn’t get much writing done while I was away, but I got lots of ideas for stories and I’ve kept sending my earlier stories out.  Have been busy clocking up rejection letters.

Since Clarion I’ve written 3 new short stories and now all of them have been accepted.  So I must have learned something there. 🙂
I’ve got a flash fiction piece coming up in Antipodean SF, a short story in the 12th Planet kids’ SF anthology and I just had a second story accepted by Fantasy Magazine.

I’ll be up in northern NSW for a little while, then will have to organise finding a new apartment and a new job in Melbourne.

Have fun,

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