Baltic Banquets

I went to quite a few interesting restaurants in the Baltics.

In Tallinn I had dinner at Old Hansa, a medieval restaurant.  They prepare authentic medieval meals.  I had a game selection – boar and elk with barley and vegetables.

I celebrated Estonia’s Day of  Restoration of Independence by going to Korsaar, a pirate restaurant.


I also visited Sushi Cat, a Japanese anime-themed sushi cafe.




In Riga I visited Rozengrals, a restaurant in a candlelit cellar that was mentioned in 1293 and was used to host special events by the town hall.  They only serve food that was available during the middle ages.  I had duck with cherry onion sauce that was a favorite of the King of Naples in the 14th century.



I also went to Hospitalis, a hospital restaurant in Riga.  The waitresses were dressed up as nurses and there was all manner of hospital pariphalnelia scattered around the restaurant, including a bathtub with goldfish in it.


In Vilnius I visited Rene, a Rene Magritte (the Belgian surrealist painter) themed restaurant.  The staff wore bowler hats and gave me an envelope and said I had some mail.  My cutlery was inside.


Have fun,


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2 comments on “Baltic Banquets
  1. Boris says:

    Your restaurant tour sounds fun. I wonder what boar and elk taste like?

    And how authentic was the food in Sushi Cat?

  2. Aidan says:

    The owner of Sushi Cat had lived in Tokyo for a year.
    Boar and elk are very “meaty.” More like beef than chicken. 🙂

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