Eastern Europe Trip

On Friday I’m flying to Osaka to visit friends.

I’m staying in Osaka for a week and then taking a ferry to Shanghai.  The ferry takes 2 days to get there.

One of my friends from Australia is staying in Shanghai at the moment, so I’m going to visit him.

I have two weeks in China and then I’m joining up with a tour that leaves from Beijing.

It’s a 3-week tour and goes from Beijing to St. Petersburg.  We take the Trans-Mongolian train to Mongolia and stay in Ulan Bator for a couple of days and then take the train into Russia.  We join up with the Trans-Siberian railway at Irkustk.  The tour stops at a couple places on the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

I fly back to Australia from Frankfurt on October 10.

There are some maps at: http://www.aidandoyle.net/?page_id=338

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