Things to Do This Month

Go to NatCon in Adelaide.

Finish my YA fantasy novel.

Write 3 new short stories.

Finish editing my Clarion stories.

Finish my book about Japan.

Finish my eBook for the iPhone.

Learn the Cyrillic Alphabet.

Learn basic Mandarin.

Learn basic Russian.

Work out where I’m going to visit in Eastern Europe.

Add some photo galleries to my web site.


* Warriors of Medieval Japan

* The Historian

* Mao: The Unknown Story

* Soon I Will Be Invincible

* City of Saints & Madmen

* Monkey

* Bridge of Birds

* The Master & Margarita

* Stalingrad

* Putin’s Russia

* What I’d Say to the Martians

* Snake Agent

* The Hard-Boiled Wonderland & the End of the World


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  1. Tamara says:

    Learning the Cyrillic Alphabet is not as challenging as it seems. It takes most students a couple hours. Once you memorize sounds letters make you will be able to easily read in Russian. Learning basic Russian will definitely take more time, but is truly worth doing especially if you have so many Russian/Russian related books on your list. If you ever decide to look for a Russian teacher, try Prime Language Services: Best of luck!

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