Overland From Japan to Germany

From July I’m going on a 3-month vacation.  I’m flying to Japan and visiting friends in Osaka.

Then I’m taking the ferry to Shanghai.  (It takes 2 days by ferry) and visiting a friend there.

Then I’m doing some sightseeing around China (pandas and terracotta warriors).

I’m joining up with a small group tour that starts in Beijing and goes for 3 weeks.  We take the train to Mongolia and stop in Ulan Baatar for a couple of days.  Then onto the Russia and the Trans-Siberian Express.  A couple of stops along the way to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

After that I’ll be exploring by myself, travelling through Eastern Europe – the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and lots of other countries.

It’s a while since I’ve gone on a long trip, so I’m really looking forward to doing some more travelling.

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