It was a dark and stormy week

It was a dark and stormy week.

There was lots of rain in northern NSW and south-east Queensland.   My parents’ house is okay, but some towns near here had to be evacuated and some of the roads were cut off.  A couple of people were killed in the floods.

Two weeks ago one of my Irish relatives and her boyfriend stayed with us for a few days.  She’s my cousin’s daughter.  (At first I thought that made her my second cousin, but she’s actually my 1st cousin once removed.  My nephew is her second cousin.  Gets confusing!).  She and her boyfriend had been doing a working holiday and travelling around Australia.

We went down to Byron Bay for the day.  We also had a look at the beach near my parents’ house.  It’s a 10-minute walk to a really nice beach.  The weather was great.

After my cousin left, the weather got bad.  The storms washed away a lot of the sand from the beach.  On Friday I went down to the beach and took some photos and a video.  The wind was blowing lots of foam in the air.








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