Lateral Thinking for Writers

My article on using lateral thinking techniques to generate story ideas was published in the latest issue of the SFWA Bulletin.

The Cackle of Cthulhu

My first publication for 2018! And I get to share a Table of Contents with Neil Gaiman and a bunch of other awesome writers!

The Cackle of Cthulhu is an anthology of humorous Lovecraft stories and includes my story about the members of the Dingo Creek Science Fiction Club who travel to North Korea on a mission of peace and uncover an eldritch evil.

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2017 Award Eligibility Post

I had 3 original short stories published in 2017.

The Thing Without Color
Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #31
Feb 2017


The Shadow Over His Mouth
Diabolical Plots

DP Fiction #29B: “The Shadow Over His Mouth” by Aidan Doyle

In Spring, the Dawn. In Summer, the Night
PodCastle #484

PodCastle 484: Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Seasons

And 3 original articles

What I’ve Learned From Slush Reading at PodCastle
View story at

The Science Fiction Writer’s Journey
View story at

Writer’s Guide to Twine

Writer’s Guide to Twine