My story Hokkaido Green has been published in German in Visionarium.

Nachdem sein Bruder gestorben war, kündigte Hitoshi Watanabe seinen Job und beschloß, zum Wasserfall bei den Thermalquellen am Ende der Welt zu wandern.



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My interactive fiction piece Kotodama is now up at sub-Q. It’s about a robot trying to save Tokyo from a poetry outbreak.

The lobby of the Tokyo Skypoem is filled with panicked humans, their faces scarred by unbridled metaphor. Paramedics carry stretchers bearing limerick-riddled corpses and haiku-exposed skeletons. I push my way through the crowd, towards the two police officers guarding the stairs.

It’s like a mini Choose Your Own Adventure and takes about 5 minutes to play though. It’s written using Twine.


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25 Years of Reading

For the last 25 years I’ve been keeping a record of the books I’ve read. I read 1147 books over 25 years – an average of 45.88 books a year. If you’ve ever been dying to know how many books I read on average in December, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Plus my most read authors. There are even graphs 🙂


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